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What to do Before You Call

Most no cool or no heat calls take longer to travel to the site than to actually correct the issue.  A good HVAC technician will predict what  the problem was before he even got to the home; it’s going to be a “dirty filter, dead batteries, backed up drain line, no power".  We strive to educate our customers about what they could do next time to save them some money. Next time you think you have a problem with your HVAC system, perform these simple tasks before you call us.

Before you start : Use common sense. If you don’t know enough about the moving parts or terms that will be used, trying to repair your HVAC system might be out of your realm. We have come across plenty of home owners that wanted to “D.I.Y” and made more problems that existed in the first place. We are not covering technical situations or hard repairs. your safety come first !

1. Check The Thermostat

First ! be sure the thermostat is in the “cool ” position and the set temperature is bellow the room temperature. always wait 5 minutes when switching between off and cool or heat to cool. If you don’t have a response when you turn on the A/C or Heat ? Replace the batteries at the thermostat if you have a digital thermostat. then check the drain line ! most air handlers (indoor unit, the source of air delivered to your vents) are equipped with a device that will shut off the power to the thermostat if the main drain line is clogged up. if located in the attic look for water in the drain pan located under the air handler. do not open the panel, high voltage inside and can zap you ! remember, safety first. If the air handler is vertical and located in the garage or closet, check the float switch for water.

2. Have you changed the filter?

Many service calls can be fixed by simply replacing the air filter ! you should be aware that the central AC system “does not cool your house !!” . It removes heat   from your house. The warm air from your house travel through the air filter to be reconditioned by the AC system. Dirty filter causes air flow restriction and improper air circulation.  dirty filters can also cause the system to ice up, make the system work harder , draw higher Amps and results on high electric bill. change the filter monthly ( yes…every month).

3. check the circuit breakers

A central HVAC is equipped with two separate breakers at the main electrical panel; one for the indoor unit often labeled as air handler, A/H or heat and the second one is labeled condenser or A/C. simply rest both  off these two breakers by flipping them to the off position, wait few seconds and turn them to the on position. if one of them trips. STOP ! and call your HVAC service provider. The breaker trips because there is more problems then a simple reset. Also you should be aware that there is a service disconnect that can stop the electric supply to the equipment. look by the indoor unit for a breaker, or a switch and at the outdoor unit. Make sure on the on position. If tripping. STOP ! and call your service provider.